Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the ceremony/reception taking place?

Both the ceremony & reception will take place at the St. Julien Hotel in Boulder, Colorado.

Is parking available?

Self-parking is available in the City of Boulder parking garage beneath the hotel (10th & Walnut). This parking garage is FREE on Saturdays & Sundays and has an elevator from the parking garage into the hotel lobby.

If you would prefer to valet the St. Julien Hotel & Spa can valet for $20 per vehicle, per night OR $12 per vehicle for the day/evening, not overnight.

There are other public parking garages and street parking which can also be utilized.

Can I take photos?

We have hired an amazing photographer to capture our day, and during the ceremony we request that cell phones/cameras/iPads/pagers are put away. During the reception, go crazy!

Are children invited?

We love your kids-we really do. But we want our wedding to be your night off. The reception is a party, remember? So please, with the exception of children in the wedding, adults only. If you would like assistance coordinating a babysitter, please let us know.

My invitation doesn't have a plus-one, can I bring my friend/mom/dog?

Unfortunately, we do not have the space to welcome guests other than those who are listed on the invitation. (Maybe if it's a dog.)