How did they meet?

Joshua was leading the "Chapel Band" in school and Karleen was asked by one of the singers who had to step out, if she would want to join the band to replace her. 

It took them more than a year to see past their age differences and to get to know each other after both shared their dreams of a future together.

They finally got together at the end of 2015.

Where did they get engaged?

Josh asked Karleen on Lake Titisee in a small rowing boat on 
18th August 2018.

Where will they live?

They already have a flat in Eimeldingen. Josh will be moving into the flat in July and Karleen will be moving in with him as soon as they are married.

What is one thing

that ties them together?

Josh is a worship leader and musician in his church and Karleen is already a talented songwriter and musician.

Josh and Karleen both have a very strong heart for worship. They enjoy doing worship together either at church or in the "WHAO" Band, where they have been involved for a few years already playing at youth events and conferences.


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